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    1、Large and complete Equipment
    ■ Spinning Equipment
    3 sets of spinning units on site are seperately DFΦ10000*Thk50mm, MD21/5030, and DFΦ2200*Thk22mm which are lined up in size. Dalian Dingjin will finish developing spinning unit in 2017 in order to form dish heads Φ6500*Thk70 integrally.
    ■ Stamping Production Equipment
    7 sets of hydraulic presses are on site. 1 set is 16000 tonnages, 1 set is 8000 tonnage, 2 sets are 2000 tonnage, 2 sets are 1000 tonnage, and 1 set is 630 tonnage.
     Matching Equipment
    7 units of heat treatment furnaces are on site, involving 1 unit of well-type electrical heating furnace Φ8300*H2300mm and 5 units of gas heating furnaces. One of them is automatic temperature control bell-type gas heat treatment furnace Φ8000* H2800mm, and one of them is the biggest automatic temperature control table-type heat treatment furnace 7500*7500*2800mm.
    There are 28 sets of cranes, and the maximum lifting capacity is 100 tons.
    2 sets of CNC cutting machine, and 5 sets of semi-auto cutting machine.
    2 sets of polishing machines, 1 set of shot blasting machine, 1 set of shot machine, and 1 set of sand blasting machine.
    There are more than 20 sets of machining equipment on site, such as two posts 6.3 meters and 3.4 meters CNC vertical lathe machine, 1.6 meters CNC vertical lathe machine, 6 meters 9 meters planning, boring, and milling machine purchased from Japan and so on and so forth.
    There are thousand of moulds for stamping and spinning.

    2、Strong technical force, and glorious technological achievements.
    Dalian Dingjin currently employs 140 people, among that 50 are of college above degree, 8 are Senior Engineer, 10 are Engineer, 25 are Assistant Engineer, and 4 are Technician.
    Dalian Dingjin aheres to technology innovation in order to develop new production equipment, new process technology, and new products. It acquires 4 items of Invention Patent, 24 items of Utility Patent, 8 items of software copyrights, and 1 item of second prize for Technology Progress Award of Dalian.